Open call for films generated with AI

by | Mar 20, 2023

+RAIN Film Fest is the first European festival of films generated with artificial intelligence (AI). This event focuses on the use of creative methodologies with AI in storytelling. Until April 7th, the festival invites international submissions of films that utilize AI models in their creative processes and explore their narrative and technological capabilities. +RAIN Film Fest invites directors to present and discuss their works in public screenings. An international jury selects the most innovative films to be exhibited at the festival and also at Sónar+D.

Organized by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), +RAIN Film Fest explores the use of creative methodologies with AI in storytelling. Beyond the visual dimension, this technology presents challenges in the ways stories are told and also challenges concepts such as creativity and imagination. +RAIN Film Fest aims to be the gateway for films that experiment with narrative language and these new technological approaches.

Alongside the festival, the AI & WEB3 Creatives Summit will take place on June 15th and 16th as part of Sónar+D. The summit consists of four sessions revolving around creativity and emerging technologies: Cinema & AI, Music & AI, Expanded Media, and WEB3 & creativity. The goal of these sessions is to inspire and showcase emerging talent that creates, researches, and ventures in these areas, as well as to discuss the relationship between creativity and emerging technologies, the ethical use of AI, copyright issues, and the role of Web3 in cultural and creative industries. Creative projects, research initiatives, emerging companies, and newly formed spinoffs will be presented. These sessions aim to foster interaction among creators, professionals, and companies and serve as a space for new relationships, initiatives, proposals, and projects to emerge.

+RAIN Film Fest and the AI & WEB3 Creatives Summit are part of the SÓNAR+D 2023 program.