Chemical Ecosystem from Yolanda Uriz, the artwork that Hac Te and Red ACTS will exhibit at Sónar+D

by | May 9, 2023

Chemical Ecosystem de Yolanda Uriz / Tom Mesic

Chemical Ecosystem de Yolanda Uriz / Tom Mesic

From June 15th to 17th, Hac Te and the recently created Red ACTS (driven by the hub, the Open University of Catalonia, and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation) will present Yolanda Uriz’s olfactory artwork Chemical Ecosystem at Sónar+D. The piece exemplifies the potential of the relationships between art, science, technology, and society (ASTS) and can be seen in the Project Area exhibition space.

Chemical Ecosystem was the winning piece of the NASEVO 2022 scholarship, promoted by the Ernesto Ventós Foundation within the framework of ISEA2022 Barcelona and is currently part of this foundation’s collection. It is a mechanism with sensors that measure certain components of the air and, according to the results, emits smells and translates the data into specific sounds, seeking balance. The particularity of the work is that it interacts with the ecosystem and the environment that surrounds it at each moment: CO2, from the people present in the space, etc.

This piece is part of a broad program co-designed by Hac Te and Sónar+D to promote interaction between art, science, and technology and also includes an Open Forum and the presentation of the Red ACTS.